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Can Children's Books Improve Society?​​ A Look at Beyond the Laces

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“Beyond The Laces”

Uniting Athletes to Make a Difference

Bob Salomon and Rick Young talk about

Beyond The Laces with New Jersey 12 Sports Director and host of "Friday Night Football" Nick Meidanis:

NJ12 Interview

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Hot off the press!

Bob signs his first copies of Beyond The Laces.

The Beyond The Laces team is honored to be featured in the October issue of

"Story Monsters Ink!"

A big thank you to Cristy Bertini for this amazing publication that focuses on

positive stories for children and parents.

CMYK Printing with a "Pick 600" - Scores BIG with Books!

When the BTL Team entered into an agreement with a printer, we had no idea we were gaining a trusted friend and partner as well. Part of CMYK's mission is to build long-term relationships with their clients and to leave a lasting impression. They did just that when they announced they would like to donate an extra "600 copies" to give to children and families in need.

When we thanked Sr. Partner, Charles Ambrogio, we asked him why? He simply replied, "This is what it's all about right? I'm in!"

We would like to express our heart felt thanks and appreciation to Mr. Ryan, the CMYK Staff and our friend and partner Charlie for their kindness and generosity. Love you Charlie!

CMYKPrinting is a Commercial and Digital Printing company with new technology in store fronts and web to print services as well as pick and pack inventory services. Visit them at: to find out more.

"We can correlate a healthy society with the quality education it gives to its citizens. 
Education has two aspects: 1) giving children opportunities to develop their interest and 2) helping children build an inner protective mechanism to navigate through life in the contemporary environment.
Bob Salomon cleverly addresses both these aspects in the children’s book Beyond the Laces, about illness, football and hope.
The rhyming picture book shows a sick boy watching his friends play football in the street through his bedroom window. The story progresses through how the parents try to give the boy hope and courage by connecting him with his love for football."

It’s quite easy to get lost in this book no matter your taste for literature. I genuinely enjoyed this children’s book, putting myself in the shoes of the main character with every turn of the page. The best part of the book I’ve found is the question(s) that it leaves the reader upon wrapping up. I’d be remiss to unveil this detail but suffice it to say that it challenges every reader to examine deeper questions like faith, courage and action, as these are the ultimate test in the face of adversity. It’s this unashamed climactic call that makes Beyond the Laces a true winner for every fan of goodness and kindness.

A big BTL Thank you to

"The County Woman" magazine for your support of Beyond The Laces​ with a full page of our very own in the magazine! 

Here's a little bit about what this great publication is all about:

The mission of The County Woman Publications is to be the objective and educational resource for the women of Atlantic, Ocean, and Monmouth counties. Our focus is on high-quality articles that are of interest to women of all ages, background, and ethnicity.

The Monmouth County Woman 

publication is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for more than 31 years.  There are over 371 other counties that are publishing or have an option to publish in the United States

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